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About Pbees junk Journals and home decor 

Thank you for taking the time to shop at Pbees online store. 

There is so much to see my handmade junk Journals are one of a kind designs.

Made from up cycled  mixed media materials using also natural  food dyes for colouring  paper ,aged lace old books and magazines

The name junk journals seems unsual and strange.

But  junk journals are a useful  form of equipment to have, and can be used in different ways.Not just for writing down your next important appointment. I will interdues  to as many as i can.

Pbees home decor  are products made using Pbees own decorative design print. 

There is so much  and a collection range to.



All  Pbees  junk journals are made with love.

And a lot of time and work until the new product can be handed over to a customer.

My inpirations come from a lot of different sources for example  a  book i may have picked up from a second hand shop . A old dress that being thowrn away due to being  out grown of or even a old pair of jeans.

I will most times if i like the item can make a junk journal .Using a lot of different  things even used tea bags.

About PBees

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


PBees online store where inspiration  gined  as helped me to crate and develop this shopping website.


Hi  all my name is Patricia and this is my shopping website.

Makeing junk journals  from the start was a joy to me my concept was clear hearing the word junk journal in my mind was something to do with my enviorment the word junk i suppose made me think of rubbish bins, and waste and what was the process of how waste was done.What did  you think of  when you frist heard of junk journals.

Well thats how my story of stated  rubbish and the care of mother earth you can call it what ever you like.

And here Iam today writing about to you about my handmade  junk journals.

Which by the way are made from repurposed   materials that is thown away into the bin.

This is a junk journal 

Customer Reviews

poppy flower digital  print design
Tools used in the making of handmade junk journals.
 pink love heart digital print design
Pbees home decor picture frame design
Handmade junk journal
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