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Making junk journals is now a part of my life and am so happy about it all.

In more ways than one or two even three, sorry but that how much I've been enjoying my crafting..

Makeing junk journals introduced me to the importance of provision in so many aspects. One of which should be important to all of use our environment the other memories in the form of art work, writing, or photography's.

Having and making marks in your very own journal dose all these things.

Please visit my website or etsy shop Pbees store were you can see different styles of junk journal.

Daily use of any type of a journal can prove my points..

Yes I make my journals using different mixed media materials which would have gone to land fill. I make dyes using fruits and vegetables all natural. Used paper old books, magazines, clothes..

All of with or seen as rubbish, that I turn into something I feel is useful and looks nice.

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