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Using my handmade junk journals

Hi all, what's up, hope you're all enjoying the wonderful weather that we are having.

I felt that i should let you all have some information about the Ephraim that I add to my handmade junk journals.

Ephriam are decorative pieces included in all my handmade uniquely decorative handmade junk journals and are free additions to my customers.

Ephriam's such as tags, pockets, tucks, and belly bands these are just a few Ephriam used to produce my lovely handmade junk journals.

There are many more I am going to tell you about these ones today and will tell and stare mor about junk journal Ephriam's next time.

Pockets can be used for storing what you like in your junk journal such as photographs, bills, stamps, or letters, pockets will come with openings to fit things inside.

Tucks are made in many ways and are used for slotting under popping into use for memorabilia photographs etc.

Belly band decorative panels on a signature (junk journal) page suggested use for slotting etc. letters, artwork.

Tags I use for decorative purposes on signature pages to display the use of tucks and pockets. Tags can be used as journaling spots appointment dates times and gift parcel massages.

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