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Gooday to all ,you most be courious to have come and take a look, well am happy you did i have a lot to let you know about PBees online store its been a long time coming  and in this time where the computer is an important commodity Ive made the right move am going to begen by saying. That art is an important thing in so many forms.

Ive choosen to handmake junk journal and design artwork for my home decor range. 

This is something which i have thought about for somtime and have been working heard to get up and running.

From the day when i was inspired by an old worn out wedding album of late family members.

Ive never looked back and although its been really hard work i still enjoy every thing about what am doing.

Please feel free to take a look buy something and also leave your comments about my products in the comment section on the shop site

Get to Know Us

Get to know us that is knowing me Pbees and the products that am selling on my shopping website am  here to help you shop with confidents and trust in me a 100 % knowing that buying from my shopping website you are buying quality product and getting customer service help that you need. My shopping website sales junk journals and  home decor the The junk journals are designed and  handmade by so i make sure that my customer  will be happy with what they get from  my design to working  with  production  partners  to get my design on to home decor items such as mugs and table wear is just  a few of the stages of the  process  of you receiving  products 

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